Vacation Rentals in Santa Cruz

A day trip isn't long enough to enjoy the relaxing sights of the beaches and redwoods surrounding Santa Cruz. Instead of rushing to see a couple beaches in one day, you can spend a weekend leisurely cruising along to coast during your beach vacation.


A beach in your backyard

Santa Cruz has the best beaches along the northern California coast. In a Santa Cruz vacation rental, you can be just steps away from some of the most beautiful sand beaches. By choosing one right on the beach, you can spend all evening enjoying that long walk barefoot in the sand, or wake up early for some birdwatching along quiet lagoon shores. Wherever you decide to stay, make sure your close to some of the best beaches Santa Cruz has to offer!


Things to Do
in Santa Cruz

Finding a Beach Rental

With so many of the best beaches around Santa Cruz, it can be overwhelming to decide where to look. Of course, you should always look for rentals that fit the size group your going to stay with. Its going to be tough to enjoy a vacation if people have to sleep on the floor! The current rental market has lots of 2 or 3 bedroom houses for affordable rates, while larger groups can take advantage of more spacious accomidations along the beach.

We reccomend you work directly with property managers, as they tend to have great inside knowledge of Santa Cruz as well as more professional and reliable than random people from online.



Don't limit yourself to just near downtown! There's plenty of surrounding neighborhoods that offer quiet escapes from the busy Santa Cruz beaches and shops. Surrounding areas such as Live Oak, Aptos, Seabright, and Pajaro Dunes are all excellent choices to just focus on the beach.

The best thing about the Santa Cruz vacation, theres always a nearby beach for just about anyone. Resting and rejuvinating at home with the luxuries of Air Conditioning, WiFi, Fresh Sheets, and take in the sea breeze in a private hottub or a senic deck, even if only for a weekend!


Let us help you find the perfect rental for your Santa Cruz beach vacation!